Who is Vanguard?

Vanguard is an independent consulting company founded in 1980. We specialize in effective business solutions for improved customer interaction, including contact centers and self service, and for internal collaboration among field staff and knowledge workers. We help clients both with traditional systems and processes and with innovative approaches, such as recent developments in converged and unified communications.



“Vanguard Communications helped make sense out of today’s complex technologies.  They understood the demands of our customer contact business, and provided clear direction as we were evaluating our options.  With their help, we now understand the alternatives, and how they support our business plans.” – Vice President, Customer Care of a major electric and gas utility


“We were looking for consultants who were unbiased, very knowledgeable, accommodating, and available when needed, and they met all these qualifications.  I also appreciate too them being available even now to answer simple questions as they come up.  Just last week I received a call from a company with employees in several different states asking what I thought of Vanguard Communications.  In my opinion, there isn’t anyone else to consider.  Vanguard is it!” – Call Center Manager , Large credit union