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Call Center Technical Consultant (Senior Level)

An experienced professional to work as a full-time technical consultant in our contact center practice area. The job offers excellent opportunities to leverage experience and knowledge in this exciting field, while continually learning about new technologies and operational practices, in a variety of businesses. We are seeking someone with a good technical background, skills, and knowledge, with an ability to apply that technical know-how to real business needs.

A successful consultant will possess and/or develop knowledge across a wide range of vendors’ products, and have no biases or prejudices. The consultant must be able to focus on the business needs of the customer, while applying knowledge of the possible solutions and technologies that may help the customer achieve their goals.

The consultant must be able to think strategically as well as tactically. The role requires an ability to quickly and effectively sort through and synthesize information in order to focus on the right issues and solutions for the customer’s situation. The consultant will generally work on a number of (potentially diverse) projects simultaneously. Thus, flexibility and adaptability are key.


The qualified candidate will have 5 or more years of experience in the call center industry, either in a technical sales support role for a vendor or in a telecom, IS, or technical support role in a call center environment. Candidates should have knowledge of vendors, products, capabilities, and challenges in the following areas:

  • ACDs and PBXs
  • CTI platforms and applications
  • Business applications (customer contact, CIS, CRM, workflow management, etc.)
  • Voice response
  • Multimedia integration – Web, Fax, Email
  • Network services
  • Call center support tools such as workforce management, quality monitoring, and logging systems

Technical expertise will be required. Operational understanding of how these technologies are used in the call center is important as well. While the ideal candidate must have demonstrable technical competence, there will be opportunities to learn on the job. Candidates with comprehensive operational experience and a technical aptitude will also be considered.

Supporting Skills

Excellent listening skills, interviewing and data gathering skills are required. A significant portion of our work depends on clear and concise client communications. Thus, good verbal and written communication skills are essential. The consultant must be able to communicate effectively with all levels of employees in client organizations, from CSRs to CEOs. The consultant will be responsible for developing a variety of deliverables, from informal emails to memos to final reports and verbal presentations. Deliverables may be standard text reports in Word, or executive style, PowerPoint presentations.

The consultant will work as part of a team on all projects. Ability to work on a team, while taking on individual responsibilities and meeting commitments to the team and to the client is critical. The consultant will work as a team member, and migrate into project leadership roles as well, if appropriate.

Typical projects vary in length from 2-6 months. In most cases, the consultant will be required to work on multiple (e.g., 2-4) projects in parallel, and must be able to manage their time properly and multiplex in this environment.

Experience with and interest in teaching/speaking preferred. Skills in developing course and seminar materials are of value.

Adeptness with standard business software (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is also preferred.

Additional Information

The candidate must be a self-starter, with a positive attitude and flexibility in work habits. The consultant will likely work out of a home office, and must be able to do so with great discipline and commitment. The consultant will work a regular work day schedule, but with some flexibility afforded by the home office arrangement.

The consultant will also be responsible for their own administrative tasks (documentation, expenses, invoices, time tracking, copying, shipping, etc.). The consultant will use Vanguard staff for some research, as well as billing and accounts payable.

Extensive travel will be required. The consultant must be willing and able to travel to client sites as needed to support project work. (Note that consultants do not work in a specific geographical territory, but rather will work on the projects where their skill set and expertise match the project needs. Travel may occur anywhere within the U.S. and Canada, with some overseas travel opportunities as well.) While the amount of travel will vary, the consultant should expect to travel 20-60% of the time in any given month.

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