Measuring Multi-Channel Success with Don Van Doren and Elaine Cascio

By | February 21, 2013

March 19, 2013
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST
 Join Don Van Doren and Elaine Cascio for this keynote session at the CRMXchange Multi-channel and Cloud Virtual Conference.

2013 brings new opportunities to forge better connections with customers. There are new interaction capabilities—social media and mobile applications are examples—and new expectations on the part of customers. Understanding customer interactions across channels is both challenging and yet even more critical.Perhaps the most important aspect of multi-channel management is translating data into understandable measures of success. In this keynote, Elaine and Don discuss guidelines for every organization to consider when measuring multi-channel success. One key is the customer’s perspective—understanding from their point-of-view what they experience and how you’re treating them at key moments of truth. Another is to capture metrics that lead to operational effectiveness improvements in the center. Finally, measures must be able to show executive management how the center is contributing to strategic organizational goals.We’ll discuss:

  • Trending metrics and how they fit into your toolkit
  • Designing measurement solutions to get the data you need
  • Resources available for cross-channel tracking
  • Ways to measure costs, loyalty, and customer satisfaction

Join us for a lively conversation about the very real issues and challenges we all face when measuring multi-channel success. 

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