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Vanguard welcomes links to any of our articles or web pages and we encourage you to link to us as often as you wish. If you would like the Vanguard logo to accompany your link to us, a copy is available here.

Please keep in mind that all content on this site is the copyrighted property of Vanguard Communications Corporation. You may not host, publish, broadcast, rewrite, or redistribute any of our content without our express written permission. Nor may you imply any affiliation with Vanguard or any endorsement by us of your site, products or services, and you may not earn any fee for any link to our content.

We also ask that you observe to the following “code of good practice”:

1. Please do not place Vanguard’s content in your web site’s frame. It is considered “bad netiquette” to surround another’s content with your own advertising or identity, and might be mistaken as an attempt to “pass-off” Vanguard’s content as your own work.

2. Please notify us when you link to any of our pages or articles. This helps us understand how our content is being accessed, and will allow us to notify you when we make changes to our site that would invalidate your links.

3. You may freely quote short excerpts from Vanguard articles, provided full and proper attribution is given including the Vanguard Communications URL which is Please note that the domain is .NET and not .com.

4. You may post the headline and first sentence of any Vanguard article as part of the link text used on your site. We request that you place ‘Vanguard Communications’ in bold text after the link so that the source of the content is obvious. If you would like a full abstract to accompany any link, please contact us. We will be happy to provide one to you free of charge.

5. Please do not link to our web site from any page on your site containing content or material that may be interpreted as libelous, obscene or criminal, or which infringe or otherwise violate (or advocate the infringement or violation of) any third party rights.

6. You may not alter the Vanguard logo nor place it in a way that it implies our endorsement of your product or service.

We may at any time, at our discretion and without prior notice, revise this policy. Updates will be posted on this site. We may also at any time, at our discretion, ask that you remove links to our web site.

Vanguard Communications is not responsible for the content of any site but our own. This includes any sites that link to us and all sites to which we provide links. We do not endorse or participate in other sites unless there is an express statement by us on this web site.

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