Business Process Design

Cost, quality, and customer satisfaction are linked closely to the effectiveness of a center’s business processes. Business process design focuses on making contact centers more responsive to customers, more adaptive to market dynamics, and more efficient than their competitors.

Our Practice

We conduct baseline audits of existing call flows and work flows to identify problem areas and opportunities. We ask some important questions:

Do your customers need to understand the inner workings of your company to figure out who to contact to handle their requests?
Are processes in place to ensure appropriate follow through on customer commitments?
Can new contact technologies extend your business relationships, improve satisfaction, cut costs, and speed service delivery?

We help you determine the extent of change needed to achieve your goals — a complete redesign, or a series of incremental improvements. We use a proven set of methodologies for process design and documentation, keeping the focus on customer needs. As we work together to architect new processes, we identify the essential elements that must change to support the new environment. We create requirements documents, and develop plans to navigate change while keeping customers satisfied and the staff content.

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