Contact Center Design

Your contact center design provides the blueprint for your entire operation. It specifies the number of centers, as well as the key business functions and services supported. It addresses complex issues, such as:

  • Should you consolidate your calls centers into one super center, or distribute them using technology to create a virtual environment?
  • Should you address growth through expanding existing centers, adding a center, or using an outsourcer?
  • What complement of people, processes, and technology do you need to start a new center quickly and economically, yet plan intelligently for anticipated growth?
  • What are your options for handling disaster recovery, and how do they impact service levels and costs?

Our Practice

We start with a clear picture of your business objectives and technology environment. We identify the issues to be investigated, the data to be analyzed, and any constraints on potential solutions. We also consider staffing concerns, operational effectiveness, and risk.

We use modeling and simulation tools to measure performance levels and costs in a variety of business, technical, and operational scenarios. These tools allow us to arrive at the optimal use of your resources without the time, expense, and risk of evaluating alternate scenarios in a production environment.

We combine our quantitative analysis with qualitative judgments to provide you with a thorough and insightful operational blueprint.

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