Contact Center Strategy

Contact centers are a vital link to one of your most important strategic assets — your customers. Contact centers have a direct influence on customer acquisition, retention, satisfaction, and growth, all of which affect the bottom line. In particular, improving customer retention by 5 percent can increase your profitability by 25 to 100 percent (The Loyalty Effect by Frederick Reichheld).

Our Practice

We help you attract and retain your target customers with a clearly defined contact center strategy. Our approach goes beyond enabling you to provide service at a reasonable cost. We help you create value.

The process begins with an analysis of your target markets, customer segments, competitive positioning, and future direction. We bring visionaries, marketing gurus, contact center specialists, and technologists together to brainstorm and plan. We clarify the contact center’s role in sales and service delivery, and identify key factors that drive success.

We draw on our industry experience and knowledge of best practices to shape every aspect of your plan — contact methods, business processes, technology infrastructure, operational blueprint, and performance measurements.

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