Despite the fanfare and big promises, many customer relationship management (CRM) implementations fail. Companies pour millions of dollars into systems, software, and custom development. They input volumes of customer data. Yet, in many cases, they don’t really get useful insights from the data they collect.

Our Practice

We see CRM as a business strategy — not a technology. Adopting CRM should shape how your company interacts with your customers, how you meet their needs, and how you extend your business relationships.

We work with you to identify, plan, and implement CRM capabilities that match your business strategies. We help you select and implement appropriate CRM solutions to improve contact management and streamline processes.

We can also help you do more than just collect data. We can redesign agent desktops to make information more easily available and establish metrics to track results. We can also link CRM functionality to your personalization capabilities for better self-service.

Effective CRM solutions don’t have to be fruitless, multimillion-dollar efforts. The key is to select and use the right capabilities to meet the needs of your business.

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