Customer Experience Management

Behind every successful business is a clearly articulated Customer Experience Strategy. It drives applications, design, usage, success rates, and customer satisfaction. Without this strategic focus on customer experience, organizations get lost in internally-focused silos and initiatives.

Customers do business with companies through many different channels, but the experience is often disjointed and inconsistent. This creates customer confusion and frustration – or even worse, customers who abandon you for the competition. Too often, companies fail to think through the importance of a consistent customer experience across all channels. Many don’t give much thought to the importance of having the contact center, retail locations, website, IVR, kiosks, advertising, written materials and correspondence match the overall company brand, image and values. It’s critical that organizations live up to the promise of their brand on each and every customer touchpoint. Just “good” service isn’t enough anymore – companies need to differentiate themselves through clear strategy that drives a consistent, excellent customer experience.

Our Practice

We help clients in many ways, including developing a comprehensive customer experience strategy that supports corporate mission and goals. Our assignments include:

  • Evaluating existing customer touchpoints, building customer experience maps and identifying key areas to improve the customer experience.
  • Assessing the customer experience across self service channels.
  • Evaluating channel options, key applications and benefits.
  • Identifying ways of creating customer intimacy by leveraging segmentation, personalization, and lifecycle “moments of truth.”
  • Developing key metrics for measuring the customer experience that tie back to what’s important to the business.
  • Performing cost benefit analysis in support of improving the customer experience.
  • Defining and building a comprehensive customer experience strategy that cuts across organizational silos.
  • Identifying gaps in current customer experience and the desired future state, then providing actionable implementation roadmaps that detail how to reach future state goals.

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