Management Reporting

As your contact center claims its strategic role in your organization, a whole new conversation emerges around performance. The focus shifts away from traditional telephony measures, such as average speed of answer, and moves toward business metrics that describe revenue growth, customer acquisition, and organizational responsiveness.

One of the challenges is data management. Because performance and business outcome data often reside in separate systems and use distinctive data formats, management reporting is a complex and expensive proposition. To make sense of it all, contact center managers must focus on what data is truly meaningful, where to find it, and how to manage it. We can help.

Our Practice

We begin asking you a few questions:

  • What are the business goals for your center?
  • What tools are available to measure performance?
  • What measurements do specific audiences need to make good business decisions?
  • What behaviors do you want to encourage?
  • Are you providing control to those you are holding accountable?

Working with your team, we review information requirements for activity forecasting, performance, and customer satisfaction. We also look at measurements related to revenue goals, market penetration, and cost. We identify the stakeholders, and consider how these metrics can support decision making. We help you avoid labor-intensive data collection and system integration efforts that don’t contribute strategic or operational insights.

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