Multi-Channel Customer Contact

Customers expect anytime, anywhere access using their media of choice. In the rush to meet this demand, many organizations make common mistakes: poor design, mismatched applications and media, inconsistencies in applications across media, flawed capacity planning, and slow response times. Unfortunately, when customer satisfaction with self-service dips, customer service representatives handle the fallout.

Our Practice

We help you bring all the dimensions of multi-channel customer contact together — from creating a strategic vision to implementing a cohesive set of multi-channel services. We start by asking some very important questions:

  • What does your company want to achieve with multi-channel service delivery?
  • Who are your customers, and what services do they expect?
  • How can multi-channel services strengthen your customer relationships?

We map multi-channel applications to the most appropriate channels. We work with you to create a customer experience that is consistent in language, marketing messages, user interface, and branding. We also ensure that your customers receive the same information no matter which channel they use.

We analyze the impact of self-service on your call flows, work flows, training, and workforce management. We work with you to establish service levels across media, and use modeling tools to develop the optimal routing strategies and staffing plans. We develop functional specifications to ensure that your technical solutions support your business goals. And we help you design programs to promote multi-channel services to customers.

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