Opportunity Assessment

A contact center opportunity assessment gives you an objective evaluation of your center’s operations. An assessment makes it easier to answer difficult questions such as:

  • Is your contact center providing excellent customer care?
  • Is your center making a contribution to the strategic mission of your organization?
  • Are the center’s resources managed effectively?
  • Are your business processes efficient?
  • Is your technology keeping pace with the rest of the industry?

Our Practice

An opportunity assessment helps you integrate technology, processes, and people to achieve the greatest positive impact for your organization.

We review:

  • Strategy and business drivers
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Organizational design and management practices
  • Contact center operations and processes
  • Use of technology
  • Measurements and reports
  • Employee development and satisfaction

We conduct customer contact observations, and lead focus groups with front line employees. These experiences round out our understanding of your environment.

We provide feedback based on our knowledge of best practices and extensive experience in customer contact. We identify next steps for solving problems, and leveraging strengths. We highlight opportunities to extract the maximum value out of your current assets. We frame the business case for pursuing business process and technology initiatives.

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