Organizational Design

Changes in business strategy, competitive landscape, and sales channels can precipitate a need for change in your organization. Even businesses in relatively static environments find that they’ve become too expensive or too cumbersome to support efficient operations. We can help you confront these sensitive issues, and work creatively to find better ways to use your resources to meet business needs.

Our Practice

We assemble a team of experts to work with you to develop a conceptual model for a new or revamped organization. The conceptual model addresses your current challenges and opportunities. It also frames roles and responsibilities, workgroup size, and the relationships among individuals and groups.

We help you create:

  • Job descriptions
  • Compensation plans
  • Hiring processes
  • Training programs

Performance measurement systems for individuals, teams, and your entire organization

We develop a plan to ensure that accountability is associated with control, and that employees are equipped with the tools and authority to do their jobs. We strive to make work assignments engaging and meaningful, with the possibility for advancement within the organization. We help design reward structures to motivate the right behavior.

We will work with you to implement the new approach. We can evaluate current resources and skill levels, and identify gaps. We can also assist with all aspects of change management, including employee communication, job reassignment, hiring, training, process improvement, and measurement systems.

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