Vendor Selection

The trade press is awash in hype about the latest and greatest technology. With the best of intentions, companies often “leap before they look,” buying solutions they believe will help secure competitive advantage. All too often, they end up with a technology environment that falls short of expectations. Some common mistakes include:

  • Poor alignment of business requirements and operations
  • Little user involvement in the design or selection process
  • Overlapping functionality
  • Inadequate integration with existing environment
  • Insufficient capacity to support anticipated growth
  • Future requirements that are misaligned with vendor partners

Our Practice

We recognize that every contact center environment is different. We work with you to understand what’s needed to meet your unique needs. We ensure that integration with the existing environment and compatibility with your long term strategy are baked into all requirements.

We help you clearly define requirements, and selection criteria early in the process. We make sure that your RFP/RFI will compel vendors to disclose the total cost of ownership. We make it easier for you to evaluate responses by translating lengthy vendor submissions into summary matrices of key decision factors. We identify the pros and cons of each solution. We can also provide guidance for reference checks and due diligence.

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