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Historically, voice and data traffic have been managed as separate technologies: voice using circuit-switching technology, and data using packet-switching technology. A new mode of voice transport — Voice Over IP— holds the promise of lowering transmission costs, improving asset utilization, and simplifying maintenance by combining voice and data traffic over a common, standards-based infrastructure.

Convergence is happening. Private network providers are engineering their services to accommodate voice grade requirements. Switch manufacturers are building VoIP interfaces for their existing TDM-based systems or building new ones. The entire telecommunications equipment industry is in the middle of a massive transformation to this new architecture. The key issue is when and how your organization should adopt VoIP.

Our Practice

We can help you develop a migration strategy for VoIP. Together, we’ll answer these questions:

  • What business benefits you can expect, and what is your tolerance for risk?
  • What are your architecture and system requirements?
  • What are the technical, installation, operational, and support issues surrounding your VoIP initiatives?
  • How can you best collaborate with your vendor partners on implementation plans and migration strategies to address your embedded technology?

VoIP requires support from different groups within your organization — desktop, telecom, LAN/WAN, security, network service providers. We help you create an effective implementation team and support infrastructure to make your VoIP implementation a success.

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