Web-Based Services

The Internet has created a “tidal wave” of activity in customer contact. Companies of all shapes and sizes leverage their web sites to respond to customer demand for information and self-service. Today, most sites are independent “silos.” This lack of integration breeds inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction. Email and text chat services are frequently understaffed, or produce ”dialogs” that are better handled with real-time voice.

Our Practice

We’ll work with you to integrate web-based services with call center and IVR capabilities to achieve a customer contact strategy consistent with corporate goals. We’ll make sure that your applications are well suited to the media, and that your use of language and branding are consistent across service venues.

We’ll help you answer some fundamental questions:

  • What is the most appropriate mix of service offerings given your business goals
    and customer set?
  • What are your integration requirements?
  • How will you develop accurate contact forecasts?
  • What response parameter should you set for each service?

We’ll work together to define business rules for routing web-initiated contacts. We‘ll provide suggestions for queue management when customer demand exceeds resource availability. We will also develop processes to handle requests efficiently. We’ll help you define skill requirements and training programs to equip CSRs to deliver excellent service.

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