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Develop Your UC Plans Now!

The next 5 years will be the most disruptive years in Enterprise communication since deregulation! It is critical and urgent that you review and update your enterprise’s communication strategy in order to deal with these changes.

Here’s what we can already see happening:

  • User communication is moving to software that is based on Instant Messaging and directories, not on phones and PBXs.
  • Instant Messaging clients will be able to jump directly into a phone call, conference call or data sharing session.
  • This communication software will work on both the desktop PC, and the portable wireless data devices, whether a portable PC or some version of cell phone.
  • The new software clients will have full access to voice mail and e-mail.
  • Many jobs will be organized around software “portals” that will provide all the information and tools needed for the job.

Without an update, there is a significant risk to your business of:

  • Wasted or stranded investments, since many current products just won’t work in the new model.
  • Upset users who won’t be able to communicate in the ways they need to be successful with customers and against competition.
  • Choosing the wrong suppliers or support organizations, adding costs and time-consuming delays to your projects.
  • Career impacts and derailments, since the new options require many new skills.
  • Loss of productivity and profits if you miss the cost efficiencies of the new communication tools.

Vanguard Communications has an effective process to help you update your strategic plan. We will work with you to identify the top job categories in your company and to define the communication processes and tools needed in those jobs. We will back this up with a review of the trends and emerging technologies that are key to your Enterprise, your people and your processes. With this information, we will work with you to select the best strategic options.

Contact us now to discuss an update to your Enterprise’s communication strategy. It will pay off many times over for your enterprise, your users, your customers, and you and your team.

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